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Production Safety

Production Safety Measurements

We are committed to providing a high-quality level of products and food safety services for the PRODUCTION, STORAGE, and DISTRIBUTION of milk-based products. These products comply with Albanian food legislation and meet the quality and food safety standards demanded by our consumers.


Automated Production

Our production and line washing systems are designed to have fully automated control and monitoring of every process at every stage.

Production Process

1. Milk Processing

Milk Supply

Milk arrives on the Factory

Upon arrival at the factory, before entering production, the milk is checked for the presence of antibiotics, aflatoxin, somatic cells, various types of falsifications, acidity indicators, and milk aromas for quality determination and destination.


Then it is analyzed in the Laboratory

After the initial check, the milk proceeds to the acceptance department, where it is filtered, weighed, cooled to 2⁰C, and directed to the acceptance warehouses according to its destination.


And lastly, it is sent for production

The “ERZENI” milk factory is equipped with modern technology for milk processing and the production of its derived products.

Production Process

Pasterization Process

The milk processing is carried out in the pasteurization block.

First Step

The Seperator

Second Step

The Bactofuge:

Third Step

The Degasser

Fourth Step

The Homogenizer:

The milk is sent to a homogenizer where, under high pressure, the fat globules are broken down to such dimensions that they lose their ability to separate. Following this operation, the homogenized fatty part (cream) is combined with the thin part for the pasteurization phase. As a result of this process, the separation of cream during incubation is prevented, ensuring a uniform distribution of fat in the product. Therefore, pasteurized milk, yogurt, and buttermilk have the same fat content in both the upper and lower parts of the packaging. Additionally, the stability and consistency of fermented products are improved, and the fat becomes easily digestible by the body.