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Authentic Products

Modern and Aesthetic Design

In addition to the quality of our products, we also pay attention to the correct, detailed, and aesthetic presentation in labeling and packaging. The goal is to provide clear and accurate information to the consumer about our products, and the packaging to be visually appealing for our customers.

Package Production

UHT Technology

The UHT milk treatment is a high-temperature sterilization process for a very short time.

In our case, this process is carried out by modern equipment, starting with the removal of undesirable aromas and a portion of moisture. It continues with homogenization, a process that treats the milk under high pressure to break down the fat globules, and concludes with sterilization, ensuring safety by eliminating any microbial load. High-pressure homogenization breaks down fat globules into very small particles (less than 2 microns), ensuring a uniform distribution of fat in the milk, making it easily digestible by the body.

Nutritional values of the milk are preserved, as the heat treatment time is very short (1-2 seconds).

UHT milk is packaged in a sterile manner using a carton packaging combined with fine plasma and aluminum additives. This packaging protects the milk from light and preserves its freshness as if it were the first day of production.


High quality bottles

At Erzeni, we are at the forefront of innovation in the production of food-grade plastic bottle packaging. With a vision for the future, our plastic bottle production process seamlessly combines modern technology with quality packaging production. We leverage technological advancements in materials and production techniques to create food-grade plastic bottles that comply with food legislation and standards set by the company.