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Milk Collection

Analyzed Collection Points​

To preserve the freshness and quality of the milk, we have established milk collection points in the remote areas. These points meet the necessary hygiene-sanitary conditions to facilitate the increase in the quantity of collected milk and maintain the standards of the raw material. After control and cooling, the milk is safely transported using temperature-controlled trucks for processing at the factory.

Before accepting the milk at the collection points and the factory, it undergoes thorough checks for the presence of antibiotics, aflatoxin, somatic cells, the presence of various forgeries, acidity indicators, and milk aromas, to determine its safety and quality.

If the milk does not meet the required standards, it is returned to the farmer. In case of repeated issues, appropriate penalties are imposed, aiming to raise awareness for ensuring the safety and quality of the milk.

Additionally, a pre-check of the cleanliness of the transport vehicles is conducted before they leave for collection. The internal surfaces of tanks, containers, and filters are inspected. Any trace of impurity, physical residue, or unpleasant odor is evidence of insufficient cleaning and filtering

“The entire process, from milk collection, processing, to the transportation of products to your nearest market, is completed no later than 24 hours from the milk extraction at the farms.”

Package Production

Safe Milk Sources

“ERZENI” enforces strict measures to ensure the quality and food safety of its milk for consumers.

Our goal with these measures is to ensure that there is no contamination during processing or packaging.

First Product

Local Milk Sources

We collect milk every day from around 50 villages.
The areas where we collect milk include:

Berat, Kuçovë, Dumre – Elbasan, Fier, Lushnje, Rrogozhinë, Lezhë, Vlorë (Novoselë, Vlorë River), Mallakastër, Memaliaj, Tepelenë.

Europe: Italy, Hungary, 

The new addition is the milk collection point in Gjirokastër, where we gather milk from goats and sheep in the southern pastures of Albania. The quantity of collected milk in these areas is increasing year after year.”